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Alice costumizes her apartments with the cheerfulness that sets her, not forgetting the practicality and warmth of a welcoming environment.

Holiday Apartments Liguria

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Alice hopes to offer hers guests the dishes of the Ligurian tradition. For now she offers her recipes… Look the recipes

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Ruins, waterfalls, refuges, whatever you are looking for to make your stay unforgettable, you will find it just a few steps from Alice’s Apartments!

Holiday apartments Liguria

Today many people prefer stay in apartments during their vacation. This solution allows all tourists to have more space and comfort at one’s disposal. Guests will have a more familiar relationship with the host will be available to introduce the most beautiful and appreciated places.

3 apartments, 3 little serentiy’s world

The Mad Hatter – Vallepiana

The Mad Hatter or also known as the “Antico Mulino” is an independent villa located along the provincial road SP49, precisely in the village of Vallepiana, one of the six hamlets of Pratosopralacroce. The location is ideal for a magical and unforgettable sojourn, thanks to the large wood-garden with a… Read more

The White Rabbit – Zanoni

The apartment White Rabbit is located in the ancient and characteristic village of Zanoni, one of the six hamlets of Pratosopralacroce. The apartment is totally independent and is located on the second floor (accessible only by external stairs) of a private house built around 1850 and then… Read more

The Queen of Hearts – Zanoni

The Queen of Hearts apartment is located in the ancient and characteristic village of Zanoni, one of the six hamlets of Pratosopralacroce. The accommodation is semi-independent and is located on the ground floor (reachable only by stairs, where on the second floor is the White Rabbit) of a private house built… Read more

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Alice’s recipes


BACIOCCA: quiche made with potatoes, onions, bacon and eggs

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The main feature of baciocca is to consist of simple ingredients and cooking special. The baciocca (my grandmother, born in old Pratosopralacroce) is prepared as follows:

  • sauté onions in lard (preferably white)
  • slice the potatoes very thin, and sprinkle with salt for about 10-15 minutes (drain off the liquid of the potato)
  • prepare the dough: flour, water, salt and a teaspoon of olive oil and then roll it out
  • Take a bowl and add the chopped potatoes together with sautéed onions in lard and then add the Parmigiano cheese, flour and salt, mixing it with the milk so that mixture is creamy
  • the mixture will spread on the pastry

The secret of true BACIOCCA lies in its cooking thanks to the use of the Testo. The Testo consists of a heated cast iron Bell, burning dry wood (or rather “the BR-OCCA”)until it becomes. This brace will move to the edges of the cooktop and sliding the baciocca on a wooden board (called “cap”) and underlying rest dried leaves of chestnut that allow baciocca to slip into the text without the pan. Then lower the Bell and the brace is positioned around so “seal”. Cooking will continue for about 15-20 minutes depending on the fire which has been prepared. This preparation is special and unique because every ingredient has its why: even the chestnut leaf is an essential element in order to give that unique and inimitable taste and that scent. ONE of the MANY REASONS WHY SOPRALACROCE is known thanks to the FESTIVAL of BACIOCCA: for nearly 20 years, takes place this beautiful party that attracts lots of amateurs he’s a local and TRADITIONAL DISHES that you cook whose baciocca is theprotagonist, the whole is surrounded by the music of the orchestra and ballads on the so-called “BALERA”.

PESTO ALLA GENOVESE: the famous dressing made of basil, parmesan, pine nuts and garlic

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Pesto is the traditional Genoese recipe. To prepare it, you will need:

  • basil
  • oil
  • pine nuts
  • coarse salt
  • grated cheese

The everything would be “crushed” in the traditional marble mortar with a wooden pestle. Without this you can simply chop all the ingredients very finely or if using a blender. And … in a few minutes the pesto is ready! Recipe very quick but delicious!

MICOCCI: tradition of alice’s grandmother

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 This recipe was prepared by my grandmother and from his entire family, since it was a simple recipe, quick, substantial and above all delicious!


  • boiled potatoes and then mashed
  • onion
  • lard – (oil)
  • grated Grana Padano cheese
  • salt
  • MAIN INGREDIENT: abundant corn flour

Boil the potatoes and add some salt to the water. Meanwhile Sauté with onion (making it Brown nicely) and grate the cheese. Then take the potatoes, peel them with a potato masher (preferably). At this point you will be created a compound that you will need to add: onion, grated Parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt and plenty of cornmeal. All must be very malleable to the touch and smooth. Then create small balls (similar to meatballs but slightly larger), each then will choose the size he wants according to the cooking time. The real cooking (like baciocca) would be in the text, placing the chestnut leaves on the basis, in order to transport the micoccio even the scent of the leaf. At this point with the convection oven to 180 degrees, they will be cooked for 20 minutes (time to Brown properly the wrapper). Time to remove from the oven… ET VOILA’ 

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