The Borghese stone – Pratomollo

At 1625 meters in the area of Pratomollo there is the “mysterious” Borghese Stone: a huge rock mass of a colour ranging from grey-green to dark green/black. Starting from the physical conformation we are talking about Lherzolitic stones of different sizes that come from the mantle under continental which appear date back to progressively in the Jurassic surfacing on the bottom of an ancient Ocean (Ocean Ligure Piemontese), now disappeared. The particular texture of Borghese Stone makes that if we strike with a hammer tends to resonate as a bell. This Rock is “crazy” the compass needle diverting even by 180° “due to the presence of iron minerals. The Borghese Stone was also called “Rock of the Martians”. People tell the meteorite was hiding a gallery leading to the heart of the great rock come from the space. The gallery seems enclosed the drawings of the Martians. Then the rock collapsed and those graffiti were dispersed into thin air.

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