Excursion Liguria: The waterfall of “Cianà” – Zanoni

The strategic position in which Pratosopralacroce is located has allowed it, in the past, to enjoy a certain fame and be considered one of the most famous and appreciated destinations in the whole territory by both vacationers and by the inhabitants themselves, thanks to the climate and the wonders that they are part of it
Yes, you heard right, thanks to the climate this small town enjoyed a national reputation, in 1846 during a congress of studies carried out in Genoa, thanks to the documentation presented, Sopralacroce was taken into consideration for its therapeutic climate: tonic, sedative and dry, also a source of ferruginous mineral water considered unique in its kind in Liguria and among the few in Italy thanks to its physical composition of carbonic acid, calcium carbonate, manganese, silicon and magnesium. Thanks to these important factors, the first hydro-climatic station of the entire Ligurian Apennines was born. Even today after 100 years the ferruginous source is found whose physical composition has remained unchanged.
Near this source there is also the beautiful waterfall from Cianà, a jump in the water in the Rio Cerisola of about 15-20 meters with a small beach.
The place is also ideal for canyoning or canoeing.

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