Giacopiane lakes and the wild horses – Giacopiane

In the years 20 ″ were created two large artificial lakes 250 fascist society pioneers who lent their work. At the end of the work the upper Lake was 300 meters 1 kilometer long, wide, 35 deep and it contains 5 million cubic meters of water; Lower Lake stood at 900 meters altitude in Pian Sapeio. We talk about eight million cubic meters of water. On the bottom of this important water reserves were discovered prehistoric belonging to the Palaeolithic and Cuprolitic. Giacopiane is a great place to fish but mostly for picnicking, sunbathing and rest in the shade of a tree in harmony with nature, perhaps with a wild horse! A few steps away from Pratosopralacroce, you can meet wild horses that are the legacy of domestic horses who worked in the valleys for many years. The horses are scattered throughout the territory and you can meet them free, along the way, scurrying in all their beauty. During the year we also organize trips to follow these wonders that populate the forests.

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