The Megalithic Face – Borzonasca

It’s one of the largest rock carvings in Europe and probably also in the world. With it’s seven meters high and four meters wide, the Face still remains a question mark for many scholars and historians. Enigmatic hypotheses compare the face to the depiction of the God Pen that is the god of the peaks (from which the name of the nearby Monte Penna derives), placed and carved in that precise point of the valley in order to protect and protect the surrounding community and also who think it is that sculpture was exploited to perform very ancient funerary functions.
Other theories maintain that the Face dates back to the upper Paleolithic. Now all you have to do is set off to discover the Megalithic Borzone’s face and maybe even try to see that mysterious face that seems to watch over its grandeur over the Penna valley and the ancient roads that connected the Tigullio to the Po Valley.

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