The ruins of San Martino’s of Liciorno Church

The ruders of the church of San Martino di Liciorno (hamlet of Vallepiana):
Built by the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Borzone during the 1100s in order to offer hospitality to travelers and pilgrims passed from here by Via del sale or Via francopona. It was the first parish church of Sopralacroce (around 11th century), of Romanesque origin, then enlarged in the Baroque age. There are many legends and mysteries that surround this marvel hidden in the woods, but to discover them you must visit this place.
The park is a path that runs along the Aveto Regional Park and extends to the Megalithic Face and the Borzone Abbey. These three hidden treasures are all on the same street and for this reason
Today, San Martino has become a place in the heart of FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), to be visited at least once in a lifetime for the mystery that surrounds it and its magic. For this reason it has become a renowned tourist destination for fans and every year, on the last Sunday of September, it has been a medieval festival called “Medioevo e Mistero a San Martino di Licciorno”, an event that takes you to the town and to discover the church more than a thousand visitors.

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